MM1000 Positive Rod Displacement System

MM1000 is suitable for processing most 2-component materials with low to medium viscosity without introduction of air bubbles. It is also designed to be used with standard disposable static mixers. Typical applications are Encapsulation, Bonding, Sealing and Potting of electrical and electronic components such as transformers and etc.

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MM3000GP Gear Pump System

MM3000GP offers a high precision meter mix system that utilizes gear pumps to provide a continuous dispensing of mixed material with precisely controlled flow rate and mixing ratio. It is powered by servo motors. Together with PC and touch screen, MM3000GP allows user to easily vary a wide range of parameters to cater to different flow rates, mixing ratio, material pot-life and viscosities to suit every application and process requirement. This is an ideal system for processes that require dispensing of constant profile such as gasketing and sealing applications.

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MM4000GP Gear Pump System

MM4000GP incorporates MM3000GP into a structured floor-standing system complete with handling systems such as rotary table and conveyor system.

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MM5000LA Servo-Motor Driven System

MM5000LA is a meter mix-dispense system that utilizes motorized linear actuators to provide accurate mixing ratio and dispensing volume. The metering actuators are driven by individual servo motors, thus providing the flexibility for user to fine-tune the mixing ratio and flow rate of individual material. This also translates to a smooth flow of material from the mixing head, making this system a suitable choice when dispensing a smooth profile for sealing and gasketing applications.

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Static Mixing Nozzles

A range of static mixing nozzles provides sizes based upon the number of elements in the nozzle, which can range from 24 to 56. The numbers of elements are determined by the material manufacturer. Static mixers are used with both piston pump and gear pump machines. EET provides nozzles for all makes of metering & mixing machines.


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