DXE2 Gear Pump System

The DXE2 has a maximum output of 2 liters a minute at 1:1 mix ratio up to 2,000cps. It is suitable for casting either small intricate moldings using RIM technology or applying uninterrupted beads for structural bonding or gasket forming

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PF-MINI Gear Pump System

The model PF-MINI is an adjustable-ratio precision gear-pump metering & mixing system with built-in microprocessor control. The system has a maximum output of 30cc per second at 1:1 mix ratio up to 2,000cps.  Accurate mix ratios are accomplished by inverter controlled two-speed precision gear pumps.

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DXE60 Gear Pump System

With a maximum output of 60 liters a minute at 1:1 mix ratio the DXE60 is a highly accurate, technically advanced and versatile low pressure metering & mixing system. Designed for high output with variable-ratio metering.

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