Positive Displacement Pump

Positive Displacement Pump (PDP) utilizes direct drive mechanism to deliver precise amount of epoxy without using compressed air. It can be used on any type of materials that is package in standard 30 and 10cc industrial barrel. It is especially useful for volumetric dispensing of short pot life material because there is no contact between motorized parts and material. This ensures that no material will be dried or cured within the equipment, enabling it to be used with little or no maintenance.

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Auger Valve

Auger Valve is designed for dispensing applications which requires good volumetric accuracy. It incorporates a precision motor, which provides high and consistent torque to dispense medium to very high viscosity paste effortlessly. As a precision fluid dispensing valve, it is capable of dispensing micro shots as well as beads. This makes it a versatile tool for applications involving a wide range of adhesives, solder paste and epoxies (including greases and silicones). Auger Valve is highly suitable for applications like Die Attach, Sealing, Dotting and Encapsulation.

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Modular Jetting System

With a unique piezo drive and modular design, the mTV modular jetting systems beats fast, precisely and persistently. It communicates via RS485 bus technology with auxiliary devices such as heaters, pressure controllers, sensors etc. The system’s easy handling, its adaptability to meet a large variety of dispensing requirements and the complete replaceability of all parts subjected to regular wear, keep set-up costs, maintenance and overall cost of operation, to a minimum.

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