Versilube Silicone Greases

These lithium soap thickened greases are designed for metal to metal and non-metallic applications to reduce friction and wear under heavy loads, slow speeds, extreme temperature and variable environmental conditions. They are ideal lubricants for applications requiring extended service intervals.

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Versilube General Purpose/Dielectric Compounds

These silicone compounds are silicone fluids thickened with inorganic fillers. They are non-curing, grease-like materials designed for a diverse scope of applications. They exhibit excellent adherence to various materials, often adhering under conditions where a fluid would easily drip or spin off. They offer maximum coverage without requiring excessive amounts of product.

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Versilube Thermally Conductive Compounds

Ideal for thermocouple wells, power diodes, transistors, semiconductors and ballasts. Excellent heat transfer compound for electrical and electronic industries, with outstanding long-term storage stability without oil separation.

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