UVLED Spot Curing Pen

• Integrated with the latest high power 365nm UV LED. • Excellent and stable UV irradiation, over 8000mW/cm2 optical output. • Push the switch button and the pen immediately reaches full power. • 20,000 hours of UV LED life, corrosion-resistance and anodized aluminium lamp body. • Small size, light weight and cordless. Use it anywhere. • Quick charge.

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UVLED Flood Curing Systems

• Overheating protection by built-in temperature sensor. • Instant ON/OFF, no warming-up required. • Adjustable UV intensity from 0 to 100%. • Automatic running mode, set the irradiation time from 0 to 999.9s. • Accumulated irradiation time, record use time.

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UVLED Spot Curing Systems

The UV LED Spot Curing System is designed for optimal UV irradiation reliability and performance. As it combines an estimated light source life of 20,000 hours and a low running cost, the system is able to maximize cost effectiveness without compromising on energy efficiency. It also irradiates a powerful intensity of up to 8,000mW/cm2 in its class.

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