IDS1000-RT Automated Dispensing Systems

IDS1000-RT is designed as a standalone work cell for dispensing of UV curable materials. It incorporates a curing station by adopting a high-intensity curing system that can cure UV material in seconds. The system combines a 3-Axis programmable robot with linear motors and a rotary indexing table as a work platform thus making it a completely functional work cell for any UV material dispensing and curing. The operator only has to load and unload units from the work cell.

The dispensing module comprises a programmable gantry unit with cameras and lasers. Driven by linear motors, the repeatability (as low as 5 microns) and speed of the system is high. Couple with a vision camera and a laser system, users are assured of dispensing at areas where they wanted. With a variety of dispensing units from jetting to Auger valve to choose from, users are assured of dispensing with the volume that they wanted.

At the heart of the system is proprietary software that provides users with a friendly GUI to program and operate. Programming makes use of the existing camera and laser as an aid to speed up the programming time.


The linear motor gantry spec are as follows
Stroke (mm)100 (X) x 100 (Y) x 50 (Z)
Speed (mm/s)100 (X and Y) / 50 (Z)
Axis Positional accuracy (um)+/- 10
Axis Positional repeatability (um)+/- 5
Resolution (um)1
Payload (Kg)1.5
The rotary index unit spec are as follows
Speed (rpm)150
Resolution (arcs)2
Repeatability (arcs)+/- 5
Vision Camera
Camera resolution3.4 (um)
Field of View6.5 x 4.89 (mm)
Depth of Field0.8 (mm)
The Laser sensor specs are as follows
Repeatability2 µm
Measuring range50mm
The UV LED curing unit spec are as follows
TypeUV LED UVL1010 (365nm)
Max Intensity>1100 mw/cm² at 35mm
Curing time999.9 secs