The AV300 auger valve is specifically designed for precision, accuracy, and repeatability. The AV300 is seamlessly integrated with our signature dispensing robots, resulting in a holistic dispensing system capable of fulfilling the requirements of applications such as gasketing, dam and fill, as well as component encapsulation.

The AV300 was designed as an economic alternative to the AV200. Driven by a high-quality DC brush motor, the AV300 provides a holistic solution capable of addressing most dispensing requirements.

Like all products, the AV300 is designed with maintainability in mind. The wetted component of the AV300 can be dismantled easily and quickly, without any tools.

Coupled with the AVC3000 controller, users have fine control over dispensing parameters such as the auger speed, dispensing time, and material pressure.


  • Ability to remove the wetted part and be stored safely in a fridge to be re-used hence reducing wastage of material.
  • Consists of various leadscrew sizes for precise dispensing volumes.
  • It does not require high material feed pressure thus reducing built-up pressure.
  • Easy to clean and requires less maintenance.


Operating typeDC Servomotor On / Off
Motor output power8 W, DC24V
Driving torqueMax 0.189 Nm
Material inlet pressure0.1 bar to 2 bar
Motor rotational speed30 to 300 rpm
Dispense time interval0.1 to 9999 second
Viscosity rangeMedium (30k cps) to High (500k cps)
Material inletFemale Luer Lock Connector (standard)
Operating temperature20 ~ 40°C
ControllerTechnodigm AVC3000
Type of feed screw8 pitch and 16 pitch
Maximum dispense rateMaximum dispense rate for high viscous material (500k cps) is 6mg/sec using 8 pitch leadscrew
Type of material used
Auger chamberHardened Stainless Steel
LeadscrewHardened Stainless Steel
Thrust bearingTurcite X