MM5000LA Servo-Motor Driven System

MM5000LA is a meter mix-dispense system that utilizes motorized linear actuators to provide an accurate mixing ratio and dispensing volume. The metering actuators are driven by individual servo motors, thus providing the flexibility for a user to fine-tune the mixing ratio and flow rate of the individual material.

This also translates to a smooth flow of material from the mixing head, making this system a suitable choice when dispensing a smooth profile for sealing and gasketing applications.


  • Positive Displacement Piston pump Driven by Motors
  • PLC controls with Touch screen
  • Low to High Viscosity
  • Handle packaging in Cans, Drums or Pails
  • Flexible Flow Rate / Dispense Volume


MixingDisposable Static Mixer
Mixing Ratio1:1 to 1:10
Shot Size0.01cc and above (1:1 ratio)
RepeatabilityBelow 2%
Power220VAC, 50/60Hz
OptionalLow level sensor, Dynamic Mixer, Auto Solvent Rinsing, Degassing and Agitation