How Adhesives Can Help Your Process

Using adhesives is an effective way of joining composites together or to other materials such as metal or plastic. There is no need to drill holes to accommodate mechanical fasteners and adhesives provide 100% seal against leakage. They also help keep assemblies lightweight, rattle-free, streamlined and looking good! Unlike mechanical fasteners, adhesives allow better stress distribution between dissimilar substrates and maintain the composite’s structural integrity.

Fast Curing, High-Performance Structural Adhesives

We offer a selection of structural acrylic adhesives suitable for bonding composite materials. These adhesives offer fast strength development – ideal for applications where clamping time needs to be minimal. They also offer ultra-high peel and shear strength and good resistance to impact and vibration.

Flexible Solutions

If you are looking for a more flexible product, our two-part hybrid adhesives are ideal for applications requiring a low-modulus adhesive to withstand shock and vibration. They offer high peel resistance too.

Ultimate Strength & Durability

Our range of epoxy adhesives offer excellent bonding performance on various substrate materials:

  • Two-part room temperature curing epoxies
  • Single-part heat cure epoxies