Novagard Solutions is an American leading edge silicone developer providing engineered solutions to the automotive, electronics, building construction, general industrial and product assemblies industries. For over 30 years, they have been manufacturing sealants, adhesives and coatings with tailored rheological properties, cure profiles, adhesion characteristics and physical properties to match customers’ application needs and specifications.

All products manufactured by Novagard Solutions comply with:

✓ European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive
✓ REACH “ Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern for Authorization”
✓ Electronic Code of Conduct on the Non-Use of Conflict Minerals

Silicone Sealants, Adhesives & Coatings – Download Selector Guide

Novagard specializes in the formulation of RTV (room temperature vulcanates) silicones for a variety of industrial applications. RTV silicone react with atmospheric moisture under standard operating conditions to produce an elastomeric network. Novagard RTV silicones exhibit the following attributes:
• Long service-life with excellent weathering and oxidation resistance
• Ease of installation, “ready-to-use” products
• Adhesion to most common substrates without need of primer
• Broad operating temperature range (-40oC to 200oC)
• Rapid cure with exceptional green-strength for quick turn around
• Low odor, and solvent free with no isocyanates

RTV 100 Series General Purpose Sealants
Single component, acetoxy cure silicone sealants and adhesives that may be used for most common bonding and sealing applications. These products are thixotropic pastes that will not run or sag; which may be applied overhead or on vertical surfaces. Acetic acid is released during curing which may be harmful to some acid sensitive substrates. Products are NSF 51 certified and conform to FDA requirements.

RTV 200 Series Flowable Sealants
Self-levelling, single component, oxime cure silicones for use in applications where the coating needs to flow into small crevices and hard to reach areas. Typical applications include coating intricate electrical and mechanical devices, insulating electrical terminals, and thin section potting. These products have good adhesion to most common substrates, and will not corrode aluminum, copper and ferrous metals.

RTV 400 Series Neutral Cure Paste Adhesives and Sealants
Single component, oxime cure, non flowable products that offer an excellent balance between rate of cure, adhesion and physical properties. Good adhesion to metal, glass, ceramic, rubber, most plastics and dissimilar substrates. Typical applications include waterproofing electrical components, protecting instrumentation assemblies, sealing coaxial connectors, and formed in place gaskets.

RTV 400 Series Fast Cure Sealants
Single component, oxime cure, non flowable paste products that provide fast tack free time and high green strength. These fast cure products out-perform slower materials in multi-step assembly applications. The fast tack and early strength combine to hold the assembly together as the unit moves from station to station.

RTV 400 Series Low Adhesion Sealants
Single component, oxime cure, non flowable products that cure to a solid rubber like normal RTV silicone except with low adhesion. They are ideal for creating formed-in-place gaskets where re-entry or post-production disassembly is necessary.

RTV400 Series High Strength Sealants
Single component, oxime cure, non flowable products that offer excellent adhesion to numerous substrates including plastics and metals. They offer outstanding resistance to gasoline, brake fluid, anti-freeze and most wheel cleaners.

RTV 500 Series Modified Alkoxy Silicone Sealants
Single component, neutral cure non slumping products that are non-corrosive when tested in accordance with Mil-Spec A-46146B. They are ideal for applications that require quick cure and early green strength development on electronic components, circuit boards and other sensitive components.

RTV 600 Series Addition Cure Sealants
Two component, unique addition cure silicone gels formulated for potting and encapsulation. Products are noted for exceptionally fast cure times, convenient mix ratios, solvent free formulations, and no by-products generation. They are optimized for junction box enclosures, cable splice kits, electrical insulation and a plethora of potting and encapsulation applications.

RTV 800 Series UV Curable Sealants
These products combine the performance advantages of silicone with processing speed of UV cure. Product characteristics span the gamut from very thin coatings to a paste-like consistency. All formulations are 100% solids, so there are no solvents to handle, or report. Dual cure products offer assurance that shadow areas will fully cure. No sub-ambient storage is required.

Silicone Greases and Compounds – Download Selector Guide

By combining silicone-lubricating fluids with various thickeners, grease and grease-like compounds with unique physical properties and performance characteristics are created. Novagard is a leading manufacturer of these silicone greases and compounds, which are ideally suited for use in hostile environments and critical lubrication applications. Under most circumstances, silicone-based products provide for a longer service life than many other materials currently available.
Silicone lubricants exhibit the following attributes:
• Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability
• Superior hydrolytic stability and water washout resistance
• Broad operating temperature range (-55oC to 200oC)
• Exceptional release properties and good lubricity
• Excellent dielectric properties, corrosion protection and viscosity stability
• Chemically inert and compatible with a wide range of substrates

Versilube Silicone Greases
These lithium soap thickened greases are designed for metal to metal and non-metallic applications to reduce friction and wear under heavy loads, slow speeds, extreme temperature and variable environmental conditions. They are ideal lubricants for applications requiring extended service intervals.

Versilube General Purpose/Dielectric Compounds
These silicone compounds are silicone fluids thickened with inorganic fillers. They are non-curing, grease-like materials designed for a diverse scope of applications. They exhibit excellent adherence to various materials, often adhering under conditions where a fluid would easily drip or spin off. They offer maximum coverage without requiring excessive amounts of product.

Versilube Thermally Conductive Compounds
Ideal for thermocouple wells, power diodes, transistors, semiconductors and ballasts. Excellent heat transfer compound for electrical and electronic industries, with outstanding long-term storage stability without oil separation.

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