UV Curing Light Source UVMR400

The UV Mini Ray 400 is a portable or low production UV curing system. Because of its versatility, it can handle a variety of UV curing applications. The unit features a removable head, which serves as a handheld curing lamp during operation. Due to its simple yet high-tech design, the Mini Ray is extremely user-friendly and reliable, requiring virtually no learning curve or setup time.


  • High intensity, fast curing
  • Two-level intensity selection (100 and 50%)


Lamp400W Metal Halide Lamp
Power220 VAC, 50/60Hz
Intensity500mW/cm² UVA light (320-390 nm) at 1” height
Cure Area8 x 13 cm
Dimensions (mm)203 x 127 x 149 mm (Lamp Housing Only)