UV Material Dispensed and Cured on a Robot

A UV cure liquid gasket is applied and cured on a FIsnar F4200N robot. The UV cure wand is mounted to the head of the desktop robot allowing for the dispense and curing of material without any operator interaction.


Hot melt dispensing with a gantry robot

The Fisnar F9300N gantry robot paired with an HM110 Hot Melt dispenser make the perfect combination for any industrial Hot Melt dispensing application. In this video you will find these 2 units placing a hot melt gasket.


F9600N Gantry Robot dispensing 2 Part fluids

The Fisnar F9600N gantry robot dispensing a 2-part fluid.


Hot Melt Liquid Gasket

A Fisnar F7300N robotic system dispensing a 1/10th gallon cartridge of 1-component neutral cure silicone hot melt adhesive for a liquid gasket application.
Viscosity is 60,000cps at 120° C.


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