High Power UV Curing Conveyor Systems UVC2000

UVC2000 is a high-intensity RF powered system which uses an electrodeless lamp that is highly reliable and cost-effective to use. These electrodeless lamps have high efficiency and good performance with a long working life thus providing more stability to the curing of UV adhesive and epoxies.

The lamp module incorporates a highly elliptical reflective reflector that combines well with the lamp to provide a high peak of UV irradiance. This high peak irradiance provides more efficient and faster curing with relatively low infrared emission. Start-up time is short (less than a minute).  A standby mode is provided for even faster start-up.


  • High intensity for fast curing
  • Quick Start-up with standby mode
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long lamp life
  • Lamps with different spectrums are available
  • 4000W System is also available
  • Both Benchtop and Floor Standing versions are available


Lamp2000W (max.)
Lamp type6” Electrodeless
Power220VAC, 50/60Hz, 15Amps, Single Phase
Intensity600mW/cm² UVA
Curing Width152mm
Belt Width240mm
Dimension (cm) 165 (L) X 56 (W) X 140 (H)